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Contact info for webmasters
Email skymouse@skymouse-productions.com

The Wetting Her Panties Affiliate Program—50%/50%
The system is simple. You link from your site (or sites) to our pay site (Wetting Her Panties). Link however you want — text links, clickable pictures, our banners, whatever you like. Every time someone who follows your link signs up on our site, you will earn 50% of the signup price. And you will also earn 50% of the monthly renewal price (rebills) for as long as they remain a member.

How you receive your money
The program is run by CCBill, the same company who process our credit card signups. They calculate the total amount owing to you and periodically send you a payment. Your check (cheque) is sent to the name and address that you choose when you set up your Affiliate account. The money you receive comes is deducted straight from the amount we receive from CCBill. The Affiliate program is open to people in almost every country in the world—CCBill will send your check by air mail to you.

What happens if the customer signs up using one of the other payment systems on Wetting Her Panties or if they click on a link to a different product?
When a customer reaches Wetting Her Panties by clicking on the affiliate link on your site, they get a special version of the join page, which contains ONLY the CCBill signup, primed with your Affiliate ID number so you are credited for the sale. Also, your customers see a version of our preview pages that don't have exit links that can lose you sales.

Banners — where are they?
Take a look instead at these images:
Natalia wetting her pants
Sasha pees her panties

Every single video and every single photoset on the site has a sample pic this size in the preview pages of WHP. You'll find these if you browse around the site. You'll also see smaller versions of the same pics on certain pages.

The video preview pics come in three sizes, which you can choose by using "v", "w" or "x" as the letter before the ".jpg". So if you see one you want to use, and want to quickly get to one of the other sizes, do "View Image", change the letter, and save it to your disk.

The photoset preview pics come in five sizes. The letters in these cases are "p", "q" and "r" or the digits "0" (which gives a 125x125 banner) and "1" (which gives a 250x250 banner).

Please download and copy any of these you want and put them on your site. All we ask is the following:

  1. Please make a copy on your site: direct linking may not work in future.
  2. Please always have a link on or near to the pic to our site, to maximise its promotional effect.
  3. Please use alt text like "Natalia wetting her pants" or "Sasha pees her panties" or "Sexy girl pissing herself!" etc.
  4. You can use as many of these as you want. But please make sure it's these preview versions. They are all recognisable by the purple strip down the right hand side and the gold whp logo at the top right and other blurb in the purple area. If you need other material please let us know.

How to become a Affiliate & start earning
It is very quick and easy to get started, and you can be earning money literally in minutes from now. First, you need to set up a CCBill Affiliate account. This involves filling in a simple form online and takes just a minute. The form asks you for the address of your site, your name and address (where the weekly checks will be sent) and the name you want printed on the check. You will also choose a username and password, which you will later use to access your data, including your real-time sales reports. When you submit the form, you will be given a CCBill Affiliate ID number, and then you're ready to start! NOTE: if you already have a CCBill Affiliate ID number (e.g. if you already promote another CCBill site) you don't need to register again — instead, please use the form at the bottom of this page and you can then use your existing Affiliate ID when linking to Wetting Her Panties.

(CCbill over time have used different names for the Affiliate ID number. Usually they call it an “affiliate ID”, but in some old instructions you might see expressions like “partner ID”, “partner ID” or “referer ID”. It's also somnetimes called the “PA Number” because of the old-style of linking which has the letters PA= just before your number.)


If you are already an affiliate of other CCBill sites please enter your ID, username and password below, and we'll merge your new www.wettingherpanties.com affiliate account with your existing account.

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Login to the affiliates area
Once you've set up your CCBill Affiliate account, you're all set. Login to the Affiliates Area to download the banners, get the HTML code to put on your page, and view your stats.

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